It is important to keep yourself safe when you are out and about in town. Here are some tips for staying safe:

  • Make sure your phone is charged before going out 
  • Try not to go anywhere alone, especially if you are going home or between Venues
  • Never walk home
  • If you are alone for any reason, get a friend to check in with you on snap maps, or call a friend so they know you are safe 
  • Don’t leave drinks unattended or accept drinks from people you do not know 
  • Look out for your friends 
  • Ask for Angela – lots of bars and clubs including our on site Venue have an Ask for Angela service – just ask for Angela at the bar and they will know something is wrong and try to help you
  • Taxis – most taxis will take you home and allow you to get money out once you get to Storthes Hall, or alternatively use Uber with a saved card so you do not need to worry about having cash 

Yorkshire Buses offer a safe bus service, if it is late at night and you are venerable and have lost your phone or wallet, they will take you back to Storthes Hall park on a timetabled service to ensure that you are safe. 

University of Huddersfield Student Union Safer Taxis Policy

The Safe Taxi Policy launched in 2018 is an agreement between Huddersfield Students' Union and local taxi companies, pledging to provide safe travel for all students. So far GT Taxis, A1 Taxis and X Service Taxis have signed the Safe Taxi Policy. y.

All taxi companies that have signed up to the Policy pledge to provide safe, fairly-priced taxis to all Students, for students travelling to Storthes Hall;  you’re guaranteed to be dropped off at the main reception and not left at the gates to the complex.

Another benefit of the Safe Taxi Policy is the offer of an Emergency Taxi Service, exclusively for students at the Universtiy of Huddersfield, if for whatever reason you find yourself without the means to pay for a ride home. If you’re in need of this service, give your driver your student ID details and your ride home will be free. The taxi company you've used will then invoice the Students’ Union for the journey and they will contact you for payment at a later date. The Emergency Taxi Service is in place to help students who cannot afford to pay to get home at the time and should not be taken advantage of, the Students’ Union will be taking responsibility for the initial payment of the journey but will be following up for repayment through the student ID given to the taxi company.