Our technicians will respond to any issues that you raise on our maintenance portal, so if you raise a ticket, expect to see us around! For most issues, we will normally visit the same day or within a few days, and we will communicate on your ticket to let you know if we need to come back. Occasionally, a contractor may need to visit to carry out specialist work that our team cannot. 


You do not need to be in for maintenance visits, however if you are, any member of staff visiting your flat will knock on your main flat door, announce themselves, and then knock on your bedroom door before going in, so you will not have any nasty surprises!

If you have not asked for maintenance, we give 24 hours notice via email if we need to enter your bedroom. An exception for this would be in an emergency, such as if there was a leak, or we were worried for your wellbeing. 

We may enter your communal areas, if someone else in your flat has raised a ticket, or we may pass through your flat to go to another room in your flat, who have requested maintenance, or to maintain an empty room in your flat. Again, if this is the case, we will announce ourselves on entry. 

When you first move in to the accommodation, if you have raised items on your inventory, please expect that maintenance may pop up to fix your issues!