We are really sorry that you have had an issue. We try really hard to keep everything working perfectly, however occasionally you may need our maintenance team to attend your flat.

If you have already put a support ticket on the portal, you should have received immediate confirmation that we have received this. Until we review your issue, all tickets you raise with us will show as ‘low’ priority’. You may not feel that your issue is low priority, but do not worry, we pick up all tickets very quickly, and once we read the ticket, reassign the urgency if required – we work to the ANUK standards for resolution time for maintenance issues. 

Although your ticket may be assigned as low, please do not be shocked if we come along to your room much quicker than the maximum resolution time – we resolve most issues within 48 hours of them being raised with us. Please be aware however that our team may not be able to resolve the issue on the first visit due to needing parts for example, and may need to revisit. We will keep you up to date every step of the way.