This is our accommodation policy for Non-Prescribed Drugs, Psychoactive Substances, Alcohol and any related antisocial behaviour.

Purpose of the Drugs Policy
This policy states the position our accommodation teams will take regarding the possession, use of or supply of illegal drugs or psychoactive substances. It sets out key elements of the procedures we will follow if a customer is found or suspected to be in possession of illegal drugs or psychoactive substances. 

Illegal Drugs
At DIGS we aim to provide a safe, healthy and supportive environment for our customers and staff. We are committed to reducing the risks associated with the misuse of drugs by raising awareness of the potential problems which can develop as a result of taking non-prescribed drugs. (This includes legal highs such as nitrous oxide). If any customers wish to seek confidential help regarding their own or others’ drug use, we will provide information about available sources of support.
The possession of illegal substances is a criminal offence and possession with intent to supply is an even more serious offence. So, put simply, to use drugs is a breach of your contract and a criminal offence. Customers found to be using or in
possession of, or knowingly allowing any illegal substance, including cannabis, to be used in contravention of this policy, will face disciplinary action. The tenancy contract is clear about potential outcomes should anyone be found in possession, using or supplying illegal substances. If you are in any doubt, please refer to your contract. For any major offences against the accommodation rules detailed in your contract, the accommodation team reserves the right to inform the appropriate
University department and the police.

DIGS accommodation promotes sensible drinking in its social facilities. We recognise that moderate use of alcohol plays an important and enjoyable role in the social lives of many students. Abuse of alcohol by a minority can, however, be damaging both to those individuals and to those who live and study alongside them. Antisocial drunken behaviour at the accommodation is dealt with by an escalating system of sanctions. The first offence attracts a warning; the second offence a
final warning, and the third being asked to leave the site permanently.  For any major offences against the accommodation rules detailed in your contract, the accommodation team reserves the right to inform the relevant University department of these offences.

Students in recovery
If you are a student who is in recovery from alcohol and / or drugs addiction you may wish to inform our welfare team and the University's welfare department for further guidance and confidential advice.