iQ’s contract dates are slightly different, and the 44-week contract will run from 14/09/2024 to 19/07/2024. iQ can also accommodate any early arrival requests, should you wish to move in from 07/09/2024. However, please note that the rates will vary depending on the room type that you have booked.  


iQ also have a slightly different rental payment schedule to DIGS, with rental payments due on:  


  • 1st August 2024 

  • 23rd September 2024 

  • 13th January 2025 

  • 14th April 2025 


Please check the dates and amounts due when signing and agreeing your new tenancy agreement with iQ. It is a legally binding document and whilst DIGS have arranged an offer for alternative accommodation, we have no association, legal obligations, or involvement in any of iQs tenancies, policies, or processes.