If you’ve recently arrived in the UK and are wondering where’s best – and cheapest – to do your food shopping, we would recommend using Lidl or Morrisons. The DIGS shuttle bus service stops at both of these stores on the way to university, just ring the bell to stop the bus. We also have a small shop on site that is open from 8am until 10pm, so you can always pop in if you need supplies urgently.


There are also lots of small independent shops within a 10 minute walk of the university bus stop:

  • Mckinleys – African/ Caribbean food store – 12 Byram Street 
  • Rosiyink Kitchen – Authentic African cuisine  - 6 Cross Church Street 
  • Dong Dong Supermarket – Chinese supermarket – 29-37 Beast Market 
  • New Tonyi Supermarket – Chinese supermarket – 10 Cross Church Street 
  • Tesco supermarket has a Halal butchers within the shop and is the closest supplier in Huddersfield

If you are looking to get household items, we would recommend Wilkinsons ( 103 New Street) and Primark on New Street