All of your letters will go to the post room in reception opposite the shop. The letters are delivered each day by the post person into the flat post box. You will have a post box key provided to you when you move in so that you can access this. 

Parcels will be delivered to the reception on site, we will then process these and email you with a QR code when they are ready to collect. The email will show as being from Parcel Tracker. When you wish to collect your parcel, please just show the QR code on your phone, and we will be able to process your parcels for you. 

We will normally process the parcels within a couple of hours of these being received, however we ask that you do not collect parcels until after you have received an email from us, just because we receive hundreds of student parcels a day! 

We also have an amazon locker on site that you can send parcels to. Deliveries of food from major food companies such as Sainsburys and Asda will go directly to your flat, so you will need to make sure that you are in and ready to receive these. 

Takeaway deliveries are normally made to reception for you to collect, we do not email for these types of deliveries as the driver will normally leave you a message.