Our on site laundrette is open 24 hours a day, and has washers and dryers. The cost of washing and drying is £3.00 for a wash and £1.50 for a dry. Our laundry services are provided by Circuit laundry and our laundrette services are one of the cheapest in student accommodations in the country. 

You can buy detergent to use in the machines in the shop, please just do not buy colour catchers, as these can get trapped in the machine and cause damage, like in your washing machine at home. Please also do not over or under fill the washers or dryers, as this may mean that the machine will break, and could also mean that your clothes will not wash properly or come out wet. 

The circuit laundry app can be downloaded on your app store, and you can use this to top up credit, troubleshoot and get advice on the Live Chat and report any problems. 

The machines run most of the time with no issues, and are serviced regularly, however they do a lot of cycles, and from time to time you may have an issue. We would ask that you let Circuit know on the app, they will refund you for the faulty cycle and send an engineer to site to fix the issue as soon as possible.

You can watch a how to video on doing your laundry on site or read the FAQs on the circuit app to learn more, or you can just ask us if you are not sure.