Soon after you move in, you will need to do some shopping to get your new cupboards stocked up!

We have our on site Costcutter shop which is open from 8am until 11pm weekdays, and 10am until 6pm on weekends. This is great to pick up some snacks that you are craving, or a last minute dinner. We also have great meal deals, fruit and veg and things like loo roll so that you never have to worry about running out of anything. Our Costcutter also has a hot counter, so you can grab a hot breakfast and a coffee for just £2.50 on the way to the bus!

The bus stops at Morrisons (Penistone Road, Mountfield Road) and Lidl (Wakefield Road, Smithy Lane) on the way to the route to and from university. You need to ring the bell or flag the bus down for these stops. Opposite the Uni there is a Sainsburys, and there are also a range of shops within easy walking distance of the university bus stop, including Primark, and Kingsgate which is the main Huddersfield shopping centre. You can also get food delivered such as Sainsburys and these will come directly to your block. If you order from outlets such as Hello Fresh, these will come to reception, so please be ready to collect these quickly!