We understand that from time to time not everything works as it should but don't panic, we have our own on site maintenance team to help ensure any issues get resolved as soon as possible! 

All you need to do is submit a maintenance ticket by following the steps below:

  1. visit support.digstudent.co.uk
  2. click the + button or "new support ticket" on the top right hand side 
  3. complete the form, you can upload photos/videos if you wish
  4. A member of the team will visit to attend to your issue
  5. If you have created an account you will be able to log in and track the progress via your maintenance portal.

In case of emergency i.e flood, power cuts, please call 01484 270145 to access our 24/7 service team. 

There will be a step-by-step guide to raising a ticket in your room, and if you have any queries regarding this system, please do ask us at reception.

On the maintenance portal there are lots of useful FAQs and user guides, which you can access throughout the year.

We aim to resolve any issues we are made aware of as quickly as possible and work on a priority basis shown below:


Low - Investigate within 10 days - Minor repairs to fixtures and fittings 

Medium - Investigate/ make safe within 7 days - Ie partial blockages, light where multiple sources

High - Investigate/make safe within 72 hours - ie slow leak, loss of single source light, blockage 

Urgent - Investigate/make safe within 24 hours - ie loss of hot water/ electricity 

Our Maintenance Team

Our maintenance team are very friendly. You will see the team out and about on site, maintaining the accommodation and responding to your tickets. If we need to enter your flat for any reason, then we will always announce ourselves at the flat entrance. 


If you need to report an urgent maintenance issue, such as a flood or total loss of power, please submit a ticket but also contact 0114 275 4659 or come to reception and inform a member of staff immediately.