Our Internet is provided by ASK4 and you will receive up to 100MB. You can connect to the WiFi by following the instructions on the leaflet provided, or otherwise by turning on your WiFi, clicking 'Ask 4 Internet' - this should open a tab in your browser to connect to the Internet. 

You can have a maximum of 7 devices on the included package. To upgrade your package, please contact ASK4 directly. 

If you experience any Internet issues, please contact ASK4 directly so that they can carry out tests if needed:

Add additional Devices

  1. On your new device, log into myaccount.ask4.com
  2. click on "Enable this device"

You can also download their free app for help with connecting to their service, troubleshooting guides and information on their products and services.

We recommend getting the app if you have any questions about the ASK4 service. It’s available for free on iPhone and Android™ phones and can be downloaded by searching for “ASK4” on the App Store or Google Play™.