Welcome to The Pinnacles, Sheffield!

Our team are here to help you every step of the way during your stay with us and help you to have the university experience possible. We are a small friendly team, so you will get to know us all very quickly. 

TJ is our Accommodation Manager and can be found between 9am and 5pm in reception or out and about on site. 

Diana R is our Student Experience Coordinator.  Diana loves baking and you can usually find her in the common room or around site, feel free to chat to Diana if you have any event suggestions!

Michelle Is our Housekeeper and the mum of The Pinnacles and you will see her around site ensuring that The Pinnacles is looking fresh and clean. Michelle is a seasoned traveler so ask her if you need any travel advice.

Diana W is the first half of our Front of House team and you can find her at reception during office hours. Diana loves animals and loves taking her dog Kira for walks

Chloe is the other half of our Front of House team, you can find her at reception during office hours. Chloe plays hockey in her spare time and is a big sports fan.

Rena is our Support and Facilities Manager and you can find her in reception during office hours. Rena is responsible for ensuring all rooms are maintained and you can speak to her if you have any maintenance issues.

Additionally to the team members listed above, we also have on site security and maintenance teams