There is plenty of car parking on site in our car parks. If you are bringing a car with you, please just let us know so that we can organise your car parking permit. Parking permits are £100 for your first year, and free for every year that you rebook after this. 

Please only park outside your block (in the courtyards) for a maximum of 2 hours for unloading, with no return after 2 hours, even if you have a permit. Unfortunately there is limited space outside of the blocks,  and we have to make it fair for everyone and allow emergency access. There is an automated ticketing system on site for the courtyard areas, that will automatically ticket any cars that over stay this 2 hour period. If you need to park in the courtyard for a longer period for example if you have broken down, please get in touch with the reception team so that we can help and ensure a ticket is not issued. 

We are not able to remove tickets after they have been issued.