We are sorry to hear that you are finding university life difficult, we know that it is a big transition at first and there’s lots to take in. If you are struggling, then please reach out to someone. You wouldn’t ignore a health issue you can see, and your mental health should be the same- we all have times when we feel like things are too much for us, and it is important to get help and not suffer in silence!

If there is anything we can do to help you adapt please get in touch, we can help sort any accommodation issues with you, just let us know – you can talk to us about anything! 

The University also have a fantastic wellbeing team who can be contacted by:

Email: studentwellbeing@hud.ac.uk. 

Call: 01484 472227

They are open Monday to Friday 9am -5pm

More information on support links available to you can be found in the ' mental health supports' section

When living with DIGS, you are welcome to have a chat at any time that you need it. If you are finding things difficult then please pop to reception to see us.