If you are a UK/EU student then your rent is paid as three instalments spread out across the year to make it more manageable for you, these usually coincide with student finance payments and are in September, January, and May. There is also a deposit of £100 and a pre-rent instalment of £150 to pay in August, the exact date can be found on your statement.

The pre-rent instalment covers you from the date that you move in, until the first rent instalment is due at the end of September.

All overseas (non EU) students must pay 60% of their annual rent upfront before their contract start date, and the remaining 40% in January. There is also the option to pay in three instalments if the student has a UK guarantor. 

All semester students are required to pay their tenancy fees in full before they move into the property. If a UK guarantor is provided then payment by instalments will be accepted.  We will not take this automatically from your account so you will need to pay manually.