Prior to your arrival, you will need to complete an online e-induction where you can select a check in appointment. Your tenancy start date is the 11th of September, you are welcome to move in at any point after this date. When you move in, please consider the following:

  • Wear a mask when you are in any indoor, crowded area (including collecting keys).
  • Bring only one other friend or family member into the building to pick up the keys – you can bring as many people as you like, but just bring one person inside to pick up the keys.
  • Try to keep a little bit of distance between you and other residents and their families – we are all getting back to normal, but some people may be more comfortable being close to people than others
  • Please arrive in your selected arrival slot if possible – this will help us to manage the flow of people that we expect on the day.
  • Please ensure you have paid both your £100 rent payment and your first rent payment prior to arrival

You will need to make your way to reception to check in, we will ask you for some ID, and your arrival pass, which will be available to print at the end of your induction, and you will just need to sign for your keys on this pass on arrival. Once you have your keys you can make your way to your house and begin unloading your belongings.