When you want to use the projector in our Common Room, it can be a bit daunting, this guide will help you set it up properly so you can take advantage of it.

  • 1. Turn on the projector by pressing the power button, the LED will switch from red to blue and it will take approximately 15 seconds for the bulb to light up. Please DON'T tamper with cables, if there are any issues, let the maintenance or reception staff know.
  • 2. If you're wanting to use a personal device, ensure it's properly connected to the ports in the wall to the right of the screen. Use the correct cables, like HDMI, VGA etc. Don't forget to replace cables or take your own back when you're finished.
  • 3. Change the source to the right input by pressing the 'source' button underneath the projector.
  • 4. For use of the TV box, use the controller to turn it on.