Before checking out of your room please ensure you follow the steps below to avoid charges being deducted from your deposit:

  • Remove all rubbish - if it wasn't provided when you moved in don't leave it behind.
  • Posters, stickers, decorations, and blu-tac should be removed from all surfaces
  • Ensure all surfaces, cupboards, mirrors and carpets have been cleaned and/or vacuumed
  • Remove all cleaning materials and personal toiletries from the shower room and dispose of them should you not wish to take them with you.
  • Your shower curtain is washable and should have been washed throughout the year. Please remove, launder and rehang prior to the inspection taking place.
  • Please take all pots, pans, cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery home with you.
  • Remove chilled and frozen foods from the fridge and freezer and dispose of in the external refuse store. (please do not switch off your fridge/freezers)
  • Dry foods and drinks are to be taken home or must be disposed of in the external refuse store.
  • All kitchen appliances should be cleaned, surfaces polished, carpets vacuumed and the apartment free of any rubbish.
  • Ensure all items within your bedroom and communal areas are in the same place you found them when you checked into the accommodation. Missing items will be charged accordingly
  • If you have any unwanted belongings you can donate these to local charities instead of throwing them in the bin

If you do receive any charges that you do not agree with you will be able to appeal them directly with us.

To appeal a charge please follow the steps below:

  1. Please submit a Deposit Return Ticket via our online DIGS Support Portal
  2. You will be required to submit any evidence you have and your reasons for appealing the charge
  3. Deposit appeals must be submitted to us within 10 working days of receiving notification of charges
  4. A member of the Deposits Team will investigate and respond to you in writing

Please note that deposits will be returned to the account provided within 10 working days of your tenancy end date.

All appeals must be made in writing through our Support Portal, we cannot discuss any appeals over the phone.