Digital Programmable Thermostat for Weekday/Weekend Setting


This thermostat can replace most common indoor residential thermostats and is designed to be used with electric, gas or oil heating systems.


Several useful functions and operating modes have been incorporated to adapt to a variety of customers' needs.

    LCD shows the "need to know" information only, which is more easy to understand

    8 changeable programs (4 for weekdays and 2 each for Saturday & Sunday)

    Realtime clock with day of week display

    Room temperature display

    Simplified temperature adjustment

    Simplified programming procedure

    Click to see enlarged imageManual set-temperature override

    2 x AAA size alkaline batteries (not included)

    Low battery indication

    Heater operation mode

    Sleep operation mode

    Slim housing design

Clock Settings

To change the clock settings please follow the steps below

1.    Press on of the D, H or M buttons to set the clock. Only the day of week and the time will be displayed

2.    Press the D button to adjust the Day of week

3.    Press the H button to adjust the hour digit

4.    Press the M button to adjust the minute digits

5.    Press the R button to return to normal operation mode

6.    The unit will return to normal operation mode if no buttons are pressed for ten seconds

Programme Settings

The pre-installed programs can be modified by following 

1.    Press the P button to select the program

2.    Press the H button to set the hour indicator

3.    Press the M button to increase the minute indicator

4.    Press the UP or DOWN buttons to set the temperature

5.    You can press the D button to turn the program off

6.    Press the R button to return to normal operating mode

7.    The unit will return to normal operation mode if no buttons are pressed for ten seconds

Heating Operation

The heater is turned on by setting programs or using the manual override If turned on by program, the program number and heater icon will be displayed

If turned on by manual override then only the heater icon will be displayed

Low Battery

When the battery voltage reduces past a certain level, the low battery indicator will appear and the thermostat stops detecting the temperature

The batteries should then be replaced as soon as possible