We would advise you organise your finances before fresher's week. This may seem like the least exciting task in preparing for university, but it's the most important.

You'll firstly need to set up a student bank account. Many of the major banks offer these with added attractive incentives such as free NUS Extra or 16-25 railcards, but what you're ideally looking for is who offers the best overdraft facilities. Some banks will make daily charges if you enter your overdraft, so be wary of these and always read the small print.

Once you know how much funding you're entitled to on top of any family allowances and part-time job earnings, you can budget your day-to-day life accordingly. We would advise making a budget, this may seem like a very boring task, however if you make allowances for rent and amenities ( food, phone bill, books) as well as luxuries ( clothes, socialising etc) this will allow you spread your money evenly between your loan payments so that you can enjoy yourself throughout the year.

We have made a budget list which you can print below, if you think this would help you visualise your spending. It can also be a good idea to have two separate bank accounts, one which your loan is paid in to, and a second which you use to go shopping with.

If you are struggling financially please do not suffer in silence, either give us a call on 0114 2754659, send us an email on [email protected] or pop into the office for a chat. We can set up an affordable monthly payment plan or simply offer advice.

Sheffield Hallam University offer an extensive support network for their students, further information financial support can be found here - Financial Support - Help dealing with financial difficulties 

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and require support, we encourage you to contact the Student Funding Team at the university as you may be entitled to additional funding, you can find out more information on how to apply for the Hallam Hardship Fund here.