We are working hard to ensure that your time with DIGS is as fun as possible and that you have a memorable year with us. However, we must comply with government guidelines to ensure that our sites are safe. It is incredibly important that you do your bit to make sure that you keep yourself and others safe by following these rules:

  • You must wear a mask in shops, public transport (including taxis), restaurants, and bars. The government have increased the fine to £200 for failing to comply with this guideline. 
  • We advise you to wear a mask in reception and any other high traffic area around site
  • Social gatherings of more than 6 people are illegal in England. This means you cannot socialise indoors or outdoors as a group of more than 6 people – this does not include people in the same household, so if you are a group of 8 then you can still socialise in your flat together. This means that you should not have flat parties or gatherings.
  • Huddersfield and Wolverhampton are in a local lockdown. This means that if you are staying with us at Chambers 51, Ashenhurst Houses or Storthes Hall Park, then you must not socialise with people outside of your household. 
  • Maintain good self-hygiene and follow all social distancing signage around site
  • Notify our team if you are experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus

We understand that these times are not easy, however it is important that we all do our bit. We will continue to provide the same services, and our gyms, receptions and other facilities will remain open.