If someone in your flat has Covid-19 symptoms, please try not to panic. Get in touch with us by raising a ticket on our support portal http://support.digstudent.co.uk/support/home so that we are aware and can support you as a flat. If you are unsure how to raise a ticket on the portal you can find more information here 

You and your flat mates will all need to self-isolate for 10 days or until your flat mate gets a negative test result – this means that you must not leave your flat for any reason other than emergencies. More information about self isolation can be found on the NHS website

We will support you and your flat mates once you have informed us you are self isolating - more information on how we can support you during this time can be found here

Your flat mate who is experiencing symptoms will need to get tested as soon as possible to see if they are suffering from the virus. They can request a test here

You do not need to arrange a test for yourself unless you are experiencing symptoms or if your friend receives a positive test result. 

If your flat mate has tested positive the whole flat must isolate even if your test results are negative. 

If you are feeling anxious then please get in touch with us so that we can signpost you to the necessary support services.