Moving in with DIGS and wondering when your room gets cleaned? The good news is your room can be cleaned as often as you like... you're responsible for cleaning it!

The golden rule is to clean up spills or marks as soon as they happen. Being quick to mop up messes, and consistent about doing a general once-over clean, will honestly help you save time in the long run.

We would suggest ventilating your room as much as possible, and leaving the window open whilst you are in the room, and keep the bathroom fan on for a while after you have had a shower.

It stands to reason but we would also suggest to change bedding regularly and don’t keep mounds of dirty towels and dirty laundry in your room!

We do carry out termly inspections, these are so that we can ensure that our buildings are in good condition and that all areas are safe for our residents. If during the inspections we find that your room, kitchen or lounge is in an unsatisfactory condition we may need to send in "The Cleaners" and you will be charged for this!