It's great that you want to rebook with us! We would love to have you for another year! All bookings are made through our website

Once you have logged in, just select the ‘Apply’ button, you will then be guided through the application where you’ll be able to pick your room type, tenancy length and let us know about any specific living requirements you might have. 

There is a notes section at the very end of your application where you can let us know any specific requirements you may have ie. if you know that you would like to live in a specific studio, live on a specific floor, or near friends. 

Once we have received your application one of our lovely DIGS team will assign you a room based on your requirements and send you a room offer. You will get an email notifying you when this happens, usually within 48 hours of you submitting your application. 

You will need to log back on to your account at within 7 days of receiving the offer, and accept your offer, choose your payment method and provide details of a guarantor. If you do not do this within 7 days your room offer will expire.

Once you have accepted your room offer, your guarantor will also receive an email with some steps to confirm that they are happy to be your guarantor, and we will ask them to upload some proof of ID documents.