At DIGS, thankfully it’s super easy to get your washing done. We use machines operated by Circuit Laundry, a company with tons of experience in all this laundry kind of stuff!

The laundrette is right next to the gym so you can either work out whilst you wait or head back to your room, the Circuit app will let you know when your washing is done, and what machines are available, so there’s no hassle at all!

Your laundry room at Storthes Hall Park, supports Laundry Card machines and is Mobile App enabled, it is entirely up to you which you would prefer to use.

Circuit Laundry Card

Circuit Laundry App

  • Ensure you have a Circuit laundry card – you can get one in reception
  • Create a My Circuit account and choose your preferred top-up point.
  • Add credit to your Circuit laundry card online and make a note of the top-up code.
  • Activate the credit on your Circuit laundry card using your top-up code at the machine in the laundrette.

  • Download the Circuit Mobile App for IOS or Android
  • Create your Circuit Mobile App account, this is separate to the Circuit laundry card account
  • Either scan in the QR code displayed on the website for your laundry room or scan from a machine in your laundry room to finish the registration process on the app
  • Add credit directly on the Circuit Mobile App, this is a separate account to the Circuit laundry card and balances can’t be transferred from the laundry card or vice versa
  • Once you’re ready for your first laundry take your phone with you and scan the QR code of the machine you want to use and then activate through the Circuit Mobile App

Please remember to use Wifi or 3G/ 4G for best performance of the mobile app.

Whichever top up method type you use, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the Circuit ‘how to use’ process, by looking at their washing and drying guides or their how to use videos on their website   Please remember to only use the recommended detergents and ensure that there are no coins or other objects in your jeans pockets as they can cause damage to the machines!