We know how important an internet connection is to everyone and here at DIGS we’ll keep you connected.

A wired broadband internet connection point (remember to bring an ethernet cable) and up to 100mb Wifi is standard in every room and is included in your weekly rent. 

Each tenant user account includes as standard the ASK4 100Mb/s package which is shared between all your personal devices being used at any one given time. Wi-Fi connection speeds of up to 100Mb/s are available but the speed achieved depends on your device and may be affected by how many other tenants are using Wi-Fi at the same time.

Upgrade packages are available through our provider ASK4, should you wish.

Setting up your internet account with our internet provider ASK4 is super easy, you can connect up to 5 devices to the Wifi.  Instructions on how to connect are provided in your room and on the block noticeboards on arrival so you can start snapchatting your new room straight away!

If you experience any issues with your internet service, please ensure you contact the support team at ASK4.  They generally need to speak to you directly to enable them to ask the relevant questions and may need to ask you to perform different tasks with your equipment to allow them to see where the issue is.

The support team are available at any time, and will aim to assist you with any issues you may have.  There are various ways to contact ASK4 -

               [email protected]

               0114 303 3232

               07797 800545 (request call back via text)

Download their free app for help with connecting to their service, troubleshooting guides and information on their products and services.

We recommend getting the app if you have any questions about the ASK4 service. It’s available for free on iPhone and Android™ phones and can be downloaded by searching for “ASK4” on the App Store or Google Play™.