We are sorry to hear that you are finding uni life difficult, we know that it is a lot to adapt to and can be really stressful! We would just urge if you are struggling talk to someone! You wouldn’t ignore a health issue you can see, and your mental health should be the same- we all have times when we feel like it is all too much for us, and it is important to get help and not suffer in silence!

If there is anything we can do to help you adapt please get in touch, we can help sort any accommodation issues with you, just let us know, you can talk to us about anything!

If you are finding university difficult, the university has a great well being team who can be contacted by filling in an online form at the link below. It is important the university know that you are struggling too so that they can help you. 


The Big White Wall Can also offer support, you can talk to others who feel like you, chat to a councillor 24/7 and there are also self help guides to help you feel better. The service is free and totally anonymous. You can access it at www.bigwhitewall.com – select join now and use your university email address.

Here at DIGS we are a friendly bunch and we are always here to have a chat to, or even a hug if you need it! Do feel free to pop into the office and we will be more than happy to be a listening ear, or point you in the right direction for support!