Of course! DIGS is your home for the whole contract period so we wont ask you to leave or move your belongings out over the holidays. If you are staying in your room over the holidays keep your eyes peeled for opening times for this period.

If you are going home just make sure that all your doors and windows are locked and that you empty the bins in your flat before you leave – no one wants to come back to a stinky room!

All contracts will end in July, if you would like to stay over the summer with us, you are able to do this, just pop in to see us towards your contract end to ask about the rent tariff over the summer. You may not be able to stay in the room you were allocated in during term time, as we do have maintenance over the summer.

If you just need somewhere to store your stuff we would advise to visit the Seven Seas storage website, they offer good deals to students wishing to store belongings over the holidays in a secure storage unit https://www.sevenseasworldwide.com/students