You can access the rent schedule specific to you and your room type by visiting your online portal and visiting the statement section on your dashboard. If you are unsure of anything just get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help. You can find our bank transfer details to make payment on your portal in your contract documents in the 'view' section. 

UK and EU Tenants 

All UK and EU tenants are required to pay £150 of their rent on the 24th of August after results day. You will also need to make the payment of your £100 deposit. 

The £150 rent payment is deducted from your total annual rent and the remaining amount will be split into 3 equal payments in line with your student finance payments. 

The dates for UK or EU students paying in 3 instalments for 2022/23 are 28th of September, 11th of January and 3rd of May. 

These dates have been based on when most students will have received their student loans. We do not take the payment directly from your loan, normally your loan will be paid into your account a couple of days before your rent is due, and you then pay this out to us. 

You are able to select your payment method when you make your booking, you are either able to make payment to us by direct debit, so the payment leaves your account automatically, or by direct transfer from your banking app on the due date. If you would like further information on the payment types please get in touch. 

International Students 

All overseas (non EU) students who do not have a UK or EU guarantor, are able to either pay their rent in full upfront or in 2 instalments, 60% prior to moving in, and the remaining 40% on the 11th of January. You will also need to pay £100 deposit prior to arrival. Payment will need to be made by direct bank transfer to us. 

All semester students are required to pay their tenancy fees in full before they move into the property.