You will need to update your refund details to enable us to refund your deposit via the electronic banking system. Failure to complete this step on will result in a delay of your deposit being returned to you!

To provide your refund details please follow the steps below:

1. Log onto the DIGS Portal 

2. Complete your refund account details, if you don’t hold a UK bank account, please

    provide us with your IBAN/Swift code.

3. Please ensure that the correct account holder details is provided.

Deposits will be returned to the account provided within 10 working days of the  contract end date. You will be able to view any charges that have been added to your account from the checkout through the  DIGS Portal 

For reference once all your departure information and findings are processed you should receive an email from us confirming the return of your deposit. This will give you chance to view any charges we feel appropriate after completing your checkout

and give you a chance to appeal these given you may not agree with.

If you are re-booking with us your deposit will roll over to next year minus any charges unless you request otherwise. You will be required to top up your deposit to£100 prior to moving back into the property in September