You are able to park your car on site, a permit costs just £100 for the full academic year. Motorbike permits are free.

Our  site car parks are for permit holders only and are monitored by CCTV and ANPR cameras for your safety.  If you are living on site and do not already have a permit and need one, please ask at reception as soon as possible as you may receive a ticket.

If you have a visitor you will need to let reception know the registration number of your visitors car and obtain a temporary permit.

Permits need to be displayed at all times in the front windscreen of your car and you must ensure you are parked in a designated car park (car park 1 or 2) otherwise you may receive a ticket!

If you have not yet moved in with us and want to get your permit ready to pick up when you move in, please pop us an email at with your name, and registration number .

You can park your car outside your block to unload your shopping BUT remember to move it once you have unloaded (maximum 2 hours) and return it to one of the designated car parks so that you do not receive a ticket. We need to have full access to the courtyard areas outside the blocks and the roadways on site to allow delivery, bin collection vehicles and emergency vehicles access when needed.