When you moved in with us you will have been  provided with a key for your  block door and room, a flat access code, a post box key and a fob which will allow you access to the gym and areas of The Venue.

  • When you leave your room, if only for a minute, make sure it is locked. It only takes a few seconds to lose your valuables.  Your Endsleigh insurance will be invalid if your room was not locked.  Do not share your flat entry code with anyone other than your flatmates.  
    If you live on a ground floor, don't leave your windows and curtains open when you’re not in.
  • Ensure the block door is closed at all times.  Nobody would leave their house door open/unlocked so why would you do it on site?
  • Be aware of people who enter your block and don’t be afraid to either challenge them or call us.
    If you see anything suspicious report it immediately to Reception or Security (out of hours). Never assume someone else has or will report it. Remember there will be someone at reception 24 hours  a day – you only need to call us on 01484 488816.
  • Window restrictors are installed for your safety, please do not tamper with them. We don't want you falling out of a window now do we!

If you have any issues with your keys or if you have mislaid a key please visit us at reception as soon as possible.

Replacement keys and access fobs

A replacement key costs £14, access fob costs £4.50 or post box key costs £6.50 and will be charged and payable at the time of key issue.

If you find and return the original key or fob within 7 days you will get a refund for the full amount.

All keys must be returned by the end of your period of residency.  These Charges will apply for non return.

Electrical Safety in your room 

Do not tamper with electrical equipment.  We hope this is an obvious statement!

  • If you see or suspect a fault with any of the electrical equipment provided, please report on the maintenance portal immediately and let our guys in the know fix it for you.
  • All electrical equipment you bring with you must be safe and comply with the relevant British and European standards. You are not allowed to take any electrical appliances other than electric razors or toothbrushes, into the en-suite.

NB: It is recommended that you bring surge protection adaptors for all your electrical equipment.