When you move in with us you will have been provided with a key for your block door and room, a flat access code, a post box key, and a fob to give you access to spaces such as the on-site gym and areas inside The Venue. 

Whilst we do have a security team who patrol the accommodation at night, we do advise all residents to take necessary precautions, just as you would at home: 

  • Make sure that your room is locked, even if leaving only for a minute. Your free contents insurance with Endsleigh will not be valid if your room was unlocked. Do not share your flat entry code with anyone other than your flatmates. If you feel that your access code has been compromised, then let us know as soon as possible. 
  • If you live on the ground floor, then we would recommend that you keep your windows locked and curtains closed when you are not in the room.  
  • Ensure that your block door is closed at all times. You wouldn’t leave your door unlocked at home, so why would you do it here?
  • If you don’t recognise someone that is trying to enter your block, or you feel that something isn’t quite right, then please let our team know at 01484 488816 – this number is available 24/7
  • Window restrictors are installed for your safety, please do not tamper with them or force them open. 

If you experience any issues with your keys or misplace a key, please visit us at reception as soon as possible. If you need replacements, then the cost are as follows:

  •  A replacement key costs £14, access fobs cost £4.50, and a post box key costs £6,50. This will be charged and payable at the time of key issue.  
  • If you find and return the original key or fob within 7 days, you will get a refund for the full amount.
  • All keys must be returned by the end of your period of residency. These Charges will apply for non-return.