We have a handy convenience store onsite in the main reception building, so you can grab a sandwich on the way to the bus!

 It stocks a wide variety of products to cover your every need from fresh fruit and vegetables, groceries, alcohol and stamps. 

We are open daily 11am until 5pm

If you would like to visit Morrisons in Waterloo, please just ring the bell on the shuttle bus as your are passing, or ask the driver to stop at Morrisons when you get on. You can also hail the shuttle bus to return to Storthes Hall Park at Stop C on Penistone road.

There are lots of shops in Huddersfield near the bus stop at the university, Sainsburys is just opposite the roundabout, and the Kingsgate shopping centre entrance is just opposite the bus stop, next to the Rhubarb pub. The shuttle bus also stops in the heart of the town centre on weekends.