If the reason you are wishing to cancel is because of your UCAS results we have a policy called "No Place No Pay" - this means if the University of Huddersfield is your first UCAS choice and you do not achieve the grades to gain a place, you will be released from the contract and your reservation fee will be refunded. Please email us at huddersfield@digstudent.co.uk with your UCAS tracker as evidence.

If the reason you wish to cancel is because of any other reason; you are able to cancel within seven days of signing your tenancy agreement with no penalty.

 After this, you can cancel your booking up to 90 days prior to your tenancy start date. In this instance we will need a £150 cancellation fee, if you are a new booker your deposit can be held as this. 

After the 90 days deadline has passed, or once you have moved into the Accommodation you are held to your full contractual obligations unless you find a replacement to take over your contract.

For any more information please consult the cancellation terms in your Accommodation Agreement.